SEO Audit Services

One of the problems our SEO Audit Service will solve is to remove the uncertainty and guessing on what works and what does not work when it comes to promoting your website or business online. Over the years we have worked with many clients and delivered a number of SEO Audits that not only helped them understand what they were doing wrong but most importantly how to do it right.

If this sounds too good to be true, don’t take our word for it, read what our customers say, how the audit service works and when you are ready get in touch to help you transform your website and grow your traffic.

As a website owner you have a lot of questions…

  • Want to know how your website is performing in terms of SEO?
  • Your traffic dropped suddenly and don’t know why?
  • You are blogging but not getting any results?
  • Want to get higher rankings and more traffic from Google?
  • Want to know why you are not ranking for the keywords you want?
  • Want an expert help you optimise your website for SEO?
SEO Audit Services

…Our SEO Audit Service will give you all the answers

  • Learn how to increase your organic traffic
  • Find out if you are under a Google Penalty and how to get out of it
  • Understand why your personal or corporate blog is not generating traffic
  • Find out how to increase your traffic using other methods
  • Get an action plan specific to your website
  • Meet with our Digital Marketing Manager to discuss about your overall digital marketing strategy
SEO Success

How does it work?

It’s really simple. Click the button below and fill in your details. We will take a look at your website and contact you in less than 48 hours with more details about our SEO audit service and a couple of questions to help us understand your current situation and business objectives. That’s all the work you have to do!

We will start working on your website and in less than 1 week, your audit report will be ready!

Why choose us and not some other service?

All our audits are manual and specific to your website. Our review will cover all areas of digital marketing and not just SEO. We can help you to implement the changes suggested in the report and manage your SEO on a monthly basis, so our recommendations are not theoretical but practical that can produce real measurable results.

As a Digital Marketing Agency we can provide you with all the services you need to succeed online including website design, social media marketing, content marketing and PPC management (we are also an official Google Adwords Partner).

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Not ready to decide yet? Let me explain

Our SEO Audit is a low cost but effective solution that will put your website in the right direction. No more guessing about what is good and bad for SEO. I will manually review your website and tell you what’s wrong and most importantly how to fix it. Together we will identify your strengths and weaknesses and create an action plan for getting more traffic and business. I have done many SEO audits the last 13 years I am working online and ALL my customers are satisfied from the results. Before or after the report is finished, we can arrange for a Skype meeting and discuss all the details. Alex Chris, Digital Marketing Manager

What do people say about our SEO Audit Service

David Russ

…Then I ordered an audit of our website. Wow. The quality of the information was stunning. Couple that with the price. It was the best money I may have ever spent. What a surprise to get way more than you pay for!

Duco Van Breemen

…The SEO audit report we ordered was of high-quality, with many strong recommendations and supported with real data. It is like receiving a SWOT analysis for your website. Overall it is a great value for money.

Chris Matsui

…Alex’s SEO audit was a great value for my website as we found many errors and even spam that my former SEO person had placed. We’re optimizing my site to run efficiently and to keep climbing up the rankings!

Still not convinced? Read more testimonials from happy customers!
SEO Audit Services FAQ
  • What to expect from the SEO Audit? – A report explaining what needs to be done in terms of SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing in order to improve your website’s position in the search engines as well as suggestions on how to generate more traffic from other sources. The report will also include an action plan and overview for the next steps.
  • How long does it take to get my report? –Usually it takes aprx. 10 working days from the time the invoice is settled.
  • How can I pay for the report? – The SEO Audit report is the only service we provide which is prepaid (I believe for obvious reasons). You can pay by paypal, credit card or direct bank transfer.
  • What happens after I click the ‘Get Started’ button? – Your will receive an email with instructions and a few quick questions to help me understand more about your business and website.
  • I am not sure if the SEO Audit is a good fit for my website. Can I talk to someone before I decide? – Definitely, get in touch and we can arrange a skype meeting to explain our services in more details.
  • I need help making the changes suggested in the report. Can you help? – Absolutely, our experienced team can do all the necessary changes. Besides SEO audit we offer a full range of Digital Marketing Services.
  • Still have questions? – Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Get in touch using the ‘Get Started’ button and I will answer all your queries.